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The Emmaus Walk, a 3-Day Programme for Christian Growth & Leadership

We invite you to spend a refreshing weekend meeting Jesus, as He comes to you through other Christians

Among the many evangelistic movements the Church is engaging in, the ‘Walk to Emmaus’ is one, and whether you are renewing your faith or exploring Christ for the first time, you will find in the walk, the meat of the gospel presented in a framework of loving fellowship during your weekend. You’ll get time to talk, discuss, think, and pray, and it’s our hope that you’ll commit afresh to Him who lived the life we couldn’t live and died the death that we deserve.

Both the men’s and the women’s walk will be held in Dromantine, Co.Down in 2019
Men’s Walk: 21st-24th March 2019
Women’s Walk: 4th-7th April 2019
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What are Emmaus Walks?

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Upcoming Events

October 13th 2018 – Gathering & Training
November 17th 2018 – Gathering & Training
January 19th 2019 – Gathering & Training
February 16th 2019 – Gathering, Training & Commissioning
April 20th 2019 – Fourth Day
May 18th 2019 – BBQ

2018 Newsletter

Please click here to read our latest Walk to Emmaus newsletter as a PDF file.


Without volunteers, the walks would not be possible. If you would like to volunteer to help with the Walk to Emmaus let us know at the next community gathering or email

Prayer Vigils

Prayer vigils are happening all the time for walks world wide and they need your support. If you would like to sign up to one, please click here.