Women's Walk 2018 Prayer Calendar

PRAYER CALENDAR Women’s Walk 8th -11th March 2018

Wed 14th Please pray for Joyce Lee as she serves as Lay Director. May she know God’s wisdom and anointing as she leads us over the weekend. Praise God for provision of piano!
Thurs 15th Please pray for Alison Gallagher our Spiritual Director leading the team, Richard Johnston, Alan Wardlow, Rosemary Lindsay and Louise Donald. Remember the Men’s Walk starting today.
Fri 16th Pray for the assistant Lay Directors Carol Hennessey, Trina Hanlon and Sylvia Sloane. May they serve lovingly and be blessed with God’s strength during this busy time.
Sat 17th Pray for Table leaders: Lynn Morrison, Leesa Beal, Jean Kingston, Yinka Parm and Daphne Wood that they might build good relationships with the pilgrims at their tables and that they will encourage respectful discussions and lead with compassion while growing in Christ.
Sunday 18th Pray for the Assistant Table leaders: Heather Christie, Grace Kingston, Oonagh Soden, Michelle Meah and Lisa Boyd as they assist leaders. May they be an encouragement to the pilgrims.
Mon 19th Pray for Carol Hennessey who will be giving the talk on Priority.
Tues 20th Pray for Richard Johnston who will be giving the talk on Prevenient Grace.
Wed 21st Pray for Oonagh Soden who will be giving the talk on the Priesthood of All Believers
Thurs 22nd Pray for Alan Wardlow who will be giving the talk on Justifying Grace.
Fri 23rd Pray for Leesa Beal who will be giving the talk on the Life in Piety.
Sat 24th Pray for Sylvia Sloane who will be giving the talk on Growth through Study.
Sun 25th Pray for Alison Gallagher who will be giving the talk on Means of Grace.
Mon 26th Pray for Michelle Meah who will be giving the talk on Christian Action.
Tues 27th Pray for Rosemary Lindsay who will be giving the talk on Obstacles to Grace.
Wed 28th Pray for Lisa Boyd who will be giving the talk on Discipleship.
Thurs 1st March Pray for Grace Kingston who will give the talk on Changing our World.
Fri 2nd Pray for Louise Donald who will give the talk on Sanctifying Grace.
Sat 3rd Pray for Heather Christie who will give the talk on The Body of Christ.
Sun 4th Pray for Joyce Lee who will give the talk on Perseverance and Trina Hanlon giving the talk on the Fourth Day.
Mon 5th Please pray for the Worship Team: Ruth Gyves and Caroline Stewart. Pray for Katrina Garcia responsible for Technology.
Tues 6th Please pray for the Prayer Chapel team: Winifred Graham, Brenda Scarff and Geraldine Brown. Pray for Anne Gillanders who will represent the Board.
Wed 7th Pray for all the pilgrims as they prepare to take their Walk and pray that God will lovingly deal with any fears or doubts they may have. Please pray for the support team: who provide hospitality and Agape – Maire Quinlan-Pluck, Caoimhe Dunniece, Mary Rose Fox and Linda Barrington.
Thurs 8th Pray for safe travel for pilgrims and team leaders, and for the sponsors Hour and Sending off. Pray for blessings on the pilgrims and for all the practical aspects of the walk. Pray for the staff at Dromantine, and for those who will bring supplies for the Conference Room.
Fri 9th Continue to pray for the pilgrims and for the families they will leave behind. Pray that God will be with them over the weekend, and also their loved ones. Pray for today’s speakers:Carol Hennessey, Richard Johnston, Oonagh Soden, Alan Wardlow and Leesa Beal.
Sat 10th Continue to pray for the pilgrims, that God , who knows their circumstances will be able to meet them at their point of need and for the team members who minister to them.

Pray for today’s speakers Slyvia Sloane, Alison Gallagher, Michelle Meah, Rosemary Lindsay and Lisa Boyd.

Pray for safe travel for Community members attending Candlelight.
Sun 11th Continue to pray for the pilgrims and for the speakers today who are: Grace Kingston, Louise Donald, Heather Christie, Joyce Lee and Trina Hanlon.
Pray for a safe journey home for everyone.
Monday 12th Pray for the pilgrims as they face the start of their Fourth Day.